Sunday, 13 April 2014


Manchester City and our fans took out an ad in Liverpool's program to remember the 96. We brought a banner and we handed over red and blue roses before the game. We stood for 60 seconds in silence. We couldn't have shown Liverpool more respect.

How was our respect repaid? With diving, leg breaking tackles, booing whenever we touched the ball and with cheers as Yaya Toure went off with an injury. When Henderson was red carded for a nasty challenge on Nasri, he was applauded. This is sickening from a football club.

The absolutely baffling decisions made by Clattenburg highlights once again the need for new officials at the top level. He was an embarrassment today. We should have had 2 penalties before Skrtel punched the ball clear. This was after wrestling our attackers to the floor on every single corner. Suarez could have been sent off twice in this game for his usual cheating antics. Eventually Henderson was for trying to snap Nasri's shin.

This club deserves no respect from any club, fan or media outlet ever again.

I'm tired of hearing how they are playing 'for the 96'. How about playing for the memory of the fans at Heysel? How does Gerrard 'deserve' a title?

All this talk about how many goals they've scored has been all over the news recently. They just hit their 100th TODAY. We scored ours against Cardiff months ago.

I honestly cannot say they deserve this title. They don't. The true class of this club has been exposed today.