Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Vs QPR I 6-0 Win

Well that was unexpected. I had a feeling we'd win this game, but I never imagined we'd put QPR to the sword like we did. I feel bad for their supporters. We've been where they are and it's almost unbearable. I hope they overcome this hurdle in their history. They don't deserve what their players have done to them this season.

On to business though, we were fantastic. Sure, QPR capitulated but we still put the chances away. Hopefully Sergio's hat trick has placed him firmly in the driving seat for the Golden Boot, because damn does he deserve some credit from this ridiculous league. Sergio Aguero, the player with the best goals to minutes ratio in Premier League history, has never been Player of the Season or even in Team of the Season. It's a disgrace. Seriously, shame on all of you who made it this way. With Arsenal's defeat to Swansea, we are now in control of second place again. Two more wins secures it, unless the Gunners score a record amount of goals in the final two fixtures. Not where we wanted to be, but it's better than where we were after the derby loss.

Get the Champions League places sown up. That's our only aim right now. Once we have that, I hope, we should put all of our time into our summer dealings. For me, I think Pellegrini will be in charge next season. I'm going to base anything on transfers on this from now on until I know or suspect otherwise.

I can imagine some serious outgoings this summer. I can also see a marquee signing or two, especially after UEFA announcing that we will have no restrictions on our spending this summer. I for one, am pretty excited. Are you?

Monday, 4 May 2015

Vs Spurs I 0-1 Win

Apologies for the lack of a pre-match thread, the so called 'fight of the century' had me a little distracted.

A third win on the bounce for the blues sees us go nine points clear of Liverpool in fifth place. The only way we can now finish outside of the top four is if we lose our remaining three games with a goal difference swing of twenty-four. The win also places us three points above Arsenal (who have two games in hand) and more importantly five points above United on the same games. A top two or three finish is infinitely better than finishing fourth. A Champions League qualifying game is not what we want.

Much of the pre-match talk was of the two top goal scorers in England. Harry Kane vs Sergio Aguero. Both were leading the line for their respective sides alone but it was our beautiful Argentine who won the contest and the tie. From a Spurs corner, Joe Hart's quick thinking saw him throw the ball out past the half way to Silva whose through ball to Aguero was utterly sublime. Aguero didn't even need to look at the goal to put the ball above a diving Lloris into the near post top corner. Breathtaking counter attacking goal. I've complained a lot about Joe Hart's distribution but he deserves top marks for this.

Sergio Aguero is now on twenty-two goals and six assists from thirty games in the Premier League. Let's get this lad the Golden Boot. I'll never understand how he's not made the Team of the Year. It's an appalling crime against football. What is your opinion on the PFA team?

We have three games still to play. QPR at home, Swansea away and Southampton at home on the final day. We should be looking at finishing second or third comfortably, given these fixtures and our current position. Not where we thought we'd be for sure (especially so far behind Chelsea) but better than three games past when we were four points behind United.

Roll on the summer lads.

Oh, and congratulations Chelsea. As much as I dislike them, and Mourinho, they will be top of the pile after thirty-eight games. Not easy, so it's a well deserved title win. We'll be back for it. Thoughts on Chelsea? Thoughts on our league position?